The firm

A new approach


The IOOS law and tax firm was born from the union of the professional experiences of the associated firms “Studio Legale Corti Deflorian & Partners” of Bolzano and “Girardi Studio Legale e Tributario” of Trento, acknowledging that nowadays also the legal world is crossed by profound changes and evolutions that require prompt, creative and innovative answers.

We take a new approach and propose ourselves as a multi-practice law firm in Trento and Bolzano, leader in the Trentino-Alto Adige Region, able to compete with the best national players in the sector and open to international development.

Experience, structure, competence and specialization of the two original firms do not add up but multiply in this new reality, large but dynamic, solid but flexible, complete but constantly evolving.

  • Single point of contact

  • Personal relationship of trust

  • Multidisciplinary legal and tax specialisation

  • Fast and innovative management technology

  • Territorial proximity

Our 5 plus

1 First and only regional office:

in a market made up of individual professionals or small associations operating at the provincial level, two of the most important law firms in Trento and Bolzano are integrated into the first and only regional firm, with the aim of becoming the new reference point for their territory.

2 Multidisciplinary approach:

In the working environment, the structural dimensions and different professional skills of the two original firms cover the entire range of legal and tax consulting activities, responding to every possible need, extending our expertise to areas adjacent to the legal discipline.

3 Quality and speed:

in our customers’ working context, the language and spirit that move them are the assets to build a relationship of trust. This allows the necessary understanding and dialogue to respond adequately and quickly to our clients’ expectations, also thanks to the use of new technologies that allow to standardize routine operations and target the skills of different professionals on value-added activities.

4 Local and traditional:

increasingly, it is necessary to operate in national and international contexts, supported by a partner capable of making a significant and real difference.
In this sense, our presence in Milan guarantees added value to our clients’ business.

5 Ready for challenges:

thanks to our size and specialized skills, we are able to propose ourselves as a partner of those medium and large companies that until now have thought that they could be adequately supported only by extra-regional law firms.