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Rights, here and now

A new way of thinking and practicing the law,

able to adapt successfully

to the ever-changing rules of the game.

Intervention areas and themes

IOOS tax law firm IOOS is located in Trentino Alto Adige in north of Italy and is the only interlocutor made up of multiple professionals specializing every field of legal and tax discipline.

We therefore offer tailor-made services in the following areas: tax, commercial and corporate law, administrative law, labor law, IP (intellectual property), family and inheritance, corporate criminal law, compliance, Legislative Decree 231/01, privacy, civil, litigation and arbitration, environment and energy.

We have established and consolidated partnerships with the best Italian and international lawyers so as to be able to assist our clients also in the field of patents and intellectual property, restructuring and extraordinary finance operations, real estate.

IOOS was created by combining the professional experience of the Bolzano law firm “Studio Legale Corti Deflorian & Partners” and the Trento law firm “Girardi Studio Legale e Tributario”.

Talking about IOOS: