We are punctual and available consultants, each with a solid preparation and a long experience in their field, accustomed to working in perfect synergy with other professionals of the firm to be able to offer the customer an all-round service.

Karin Ambach

Mattia Bernardini

Michele Brunetta

Isabel Brunner

Gabriella Cesari

Paolo Corti

Fabrizio De Santis

Umberto Deflorian

Christian Dorigatti

Laura Galas

Andrea Girardi

Paolo Girardi

Andrea Gnecchi

Marco Mantini

Romano Niccolini

Giorgia Oss

Cristian Pedot

Luciana Rasom


Carlo Sala

Diego Salvatore

Michela Salvo

Irene Schiefer

Stefan Schwitzer

Federica Simonelli

Carmen Triolo

Tiziana Zeni

Administrative staff

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